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Funny and creepy at the same time. 

10/10. I love it.

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This game was fun, funny, and scary, absolutely loved it!

 loved it!

I was warned of cheeks, I wasn't warned of sausages and lack thereof

Nice job! Definitely nailed the genre, and I think the bugs added to the experience.

hi, big thx for the crazy game. greetings from rosti 🙏🤩

This game was interesting to say the least. The game was a bit bugged for me but overall it was pretty good. 

this is the best comedy game i have ever played

Bad In All The Ways I Enjoyed. 

Happy New Years To You All, I Wish You All The Best!!! 

Вот это я понимаю инди-треш, отличная работа)

nice game

Let me say this: for a game that was made in 2 days, it was actually surprisingly enjoyable and funny. This game definitely had me cracking up the entire time, amazing work!

This game was crazy funny and had some genuine scares in it too! Although I will not be making a video on this, I still think its good enough for videos to be uploaded on it. I give the game an 10/10 in funny and 6.3/10 in scares! Nice to see you back germfood

Literally the best game ive ever played in my life

Some good scares that definetly got me😱

I LOVE the story the game has it was so CrAzY and PERFECT🙌! Really excited to see what you'll be making next😆thank you for making this game, and happy holidays to anyone reading this🎉🎉!

have a litlle lugh

cool game

its very cool game

I need to know what the music is that plays at the ending screen. Sounds amazing.


its a lil safe room track i made a couple months ago, thanks!

This is the greatest Christmas story of our time

The Cheeks Killed me! lmao 

damn dude them ass cheeks were on fLEEEK

spend more time on it please i want to see this as a full release

Haha, amazing cinematics and terrifying monster. This was fun and terrifying at the same time. Of course, there are a lot of things that could be improved like the graphics, especially in the outside area it looked really weird, but the game was really funny and it had an interesting storyline xD The ending was the best :) good job!

Streamed it, and had a tremendous time. Brief, obviously, but well worth a play for the laughs. 

3-headed Santa will rock your socks. 

7 main protagonist butt cheeks out of 10. 

Funny AZZ Christmas Game

This game starts at 00:44.

I actually really enjoyed this game, loved the silly comedy!

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great game. this is horror game with a lot of comedy. love this !!!!

Game was honestly funny AND scary lol, would definitely play again... might start celebrating Christmas naked now!

Gameplay No Commentary

Very Yes


Thank you for getting my in the Christmas spirit with this amazing, totally festive, normal game! I loved fighting alongside Santa as a naked man. It was my life dream

Fun, creepy as hell, but fun.

Hi this Game is perfect good work

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