A downloadable game for Windows

A tribute to Bad indie horror games.

Gregory has made a fatal error when decorating his Christmas tree and accidentally summons Three-headed Santa! How will he escape the nightmare?

Made in 2 days


Nudity (just some ass cheeks)

Bad Language


Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(48 total ratings)
TagsAtmospheric, Christmas, Comedy, Dark, evil, First-Person, free, Horror, santa, Unity




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Soy el comentario en español que buscabas, UNA JOYA VIEJO, JUEGAZO, BEST DIALOGOS EVER ALM

Wasnt expecting that at all...

Got to play this joint a while back . It was epic lmao. One of the funniest indie horror games i've ever played and it had some great jump scares. Check it out and enjoy.

I still love this game. 

This game is life changing, loved every single bit of it. 10/10


the dude got pussy lmaooo

damn this shit is cool

L a verdad, en mi mas humilde opinión, considero que este juegazo se merece un GOTY, por el impacto que tiene en todo lo relacionado con la estética del videojuego y que se empareja con la camiseta del toro que juega. Estoy de acuerdo que el traje tiene que ver con la estética de otros equipos, pero se merece ser capaz de cuestionar una decisión basada en un tema tan simple como el amor o la bronca. Me parece extraño que un juego de este calibre tiene un lenguaje tan infantil y relacionado con el puto que las personas se dan cerveza después de jugar como puta de mierda, y no de las buenas fechas de la vida. Se acabó, amigo, de la foto de putas y de putos. En este caso, quienes están tratando de convencerse de que no se hizo mal no pueden hacer más la diferencia, por el contrario, si tienen qué suceder, no serán más putas que la grandísima madre de la región de México, la grandísima madre de las putas del puerto, la madre de la muerte. Una es la que me dio las muñecas, y yo lo demostré gracias. Ahora me quedo con la foto de putas y de putas. Amén y bendiciones.

This game radiated whimsical and rad energy it was a hilarious experience

This game was so chaotic. I loved it 😂


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Absolutely f*cking hilarious AND surprisingly scary?? I jumped a few more times than I am proud to admit XD Just the right blend of nonsense and actual gameplay for me. More please lol

so funny 😂


funny game had us laughing

This game was so funny and terrifying at the same time! I was dying at the dialogue 😂 this game is amazing and I’m glad I was able to play it.

I also made a YouTube video about it with funny moments and scary moments in between! Check it out above! ❤️

This was a BLAST! I'm a sucker for these types of indie horrors, you did a fantastic job replicating the feel of old-school youtube favorites, and in only two days!! I WANT A SEQUEL!!

very interesting game, played it on my yt for a bit

This game is goofy as hell it makes it funny the ending was something unexpected, killer snowman, elfs and getting uzis from the real santa. Also why the hell he naked.

last game played

first gameplay of the video! Game is so bad it's amazing. Killer snowmen and chainsaw elves! I legit screamed and was frightened a few times. Had to blur the booty tho 🤣

very interesting..

DUDE I had a blast with this game haha 

SO FUNNY MAN! I loved it lmao it was too good, check it out!!

3 Scary Games - Christmas Special

Played it in my 3 scary games video! Easily my favourite game of the year! I couldn’t stop laughing


This game was wild. Keep up the work!

this Game was the perfect start for my 5 days of Christmas Special 😂😂 thank you for such an amazing game 

I couldn't stop laughing after finishing this game. Truly a gem that should be treasured. I'll make it my family tradition to play this game every holiday season from now on. :P

28:07 to End For Three Headed Santa!

This entire game feels like a cursed, neverending, nightmarish fever dream after taking acid from an alien planet laced with microscoptic lovecraftian horrors from the shadow realm.
I love it. It's genuinely funny and I had a good time with it. I highly recommend it if y'all want a good laugh. Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays!


very funny and creative game, with a jumpscare or two that actually make me jump. Very unqiue concept that wa surprisingly entertaining and made me laugh a few times.

Played it in my Christmas video, it's the first game.

Played at 23:58. Im not sure words can describe this one.

easily the best game in the videos, it was absolutely bonkers, it was a bad game. So bad it was good. I really enjoyed myself with this game. Just check it out and see for yourself 🙂

Merry Christmas everyone!

Great game, has some great scary moments, and a lot of funny wtf moments! Keep at it!
Here's my playthrough, it's in spanish, also managed to translate it on the video. 

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I Didnt expect this horror game to make me smile it was fun.

BROOO....this game was WILD!!!! felt like the whole game was on acid AND I LOVED every bit GG!!!

played this fun little gem for Christmas Eve. would definitely recommend to play it yourself before watching any content on it. it's a little bit NSFW but very funny. merry christmas everyone! (except to the porn bots they can go die in a hole)


Gameplay - 00:15:22

1st Thoughts - 00:27"46

Final Thoughts - 1:06:40

[Chapters all included in the video!]

You've duped me germfood! I didn't realize this was your work until post-editing. It's a game that despite representing bad horror games isn't really bad at all! I genuinely enjoyed it and always look forward to your work! Happy Holidays!

This game was ridiculously funny and very random. There was a story there for sure but wow... I haven't seen anything like this lol. Was very entertained and had a lot of fun playing. The game does have a few issues with the head glitching through the ceiling and getting stuck against the wall in the bathroom but to be honest it fits with the game well. 

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