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Ended up playing this for a 2nd time, still amazing!!!

this was a crazy experience

El juego de terror más random que he jugado nunca XDDD

No commentary version

Christmas acid trip and I enjoyed the ride!

Just waiting for the 4 headed santa now!


Somethings wrong with santa this year...

that was fun, well done

Changed my life forever.

the enlarged outlets paired with the minituare tv and the upside down oven was breathtaking

the asscheeks scared me bad ):

YOU HAVE TO LISTEN TO ME. YOU CAN'T. CANNOT PUT MORE THAN ONE STAR ON YOUR TREE! (This was an amazing game, especially becasue of teh end!)

Played this a few days ago but man it was a blast! Honestly very funny while also delivering on some scares! Overal just a great experience, cheers :)

The game gave my gf quite the spook!

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(Game is in the Video, Hopefully Y'all Enjoy It😁🙏)

Is a master of work

that's goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood

Hello! i made a video recommending your game since it looked really fun. i didn't get a chance to play it yet, but when I'll have time I'll look forward to it! Merry Christmas and happy holydays!

The game lives up to expectations to say the least…. Huge fan of the devs so I had to play it. This was wild though. Makes for great commentary though lol. (Second game in the video)

Honestly this game is a treasure. Very buggy but I enjoyed the ride lol My jaw dropped with the insanity lol  (3rd game)

Just competed all my 12 days of SCAREmas! Each day has a cluster of Christmas horror. This game was a part of this day!

this is something else 

Interesting game!

I loved this memey horror game.  I felt invincible. 

This B Rated Christmas Horror Game is So Bad It's Awesome!


What absolutely beautiful nonsense this game was! B-Movie Christmas Horror at it's finest! Love it!


It was crazy and stupid but at the same time highly entertaining and funny, I really enjoyed it.

Merry Christmas, here's my German Let's Play of this masterpiece


Why is he naked, though? The beats were fire; I see you putting in work in the studio. This game's a crazy blend of funny and scary. Keep up the hard work...

Fun stuff! Merry XMas!


Bruh this game is hiliarous. I enjoy every bad part about it. Nice job. Its the first game after the clips and intro 1:20 its the start time for the game 

Your game is awesome... i love the conversation and your humor!!! 


Funny game

such a good game i loved every part of it also merry chrismas


Jokes game love the holiday game haha


I cannot even express what a transformative experience this game was for me. Such a poetic ending to a game that makes such profound statements on the universe that we live in today, statements that could apply to any person ever to exist. I have never felt these kinds of feelings before in my life, but this game exposed me to parts of myself I didn't know we're there. I wish there was more I could do than merely give thanks to the developer of this game for making it, because it has truly altered the course of my life in the best way possible. Thank you for this experience.




My entire being was enjoying this game 

Amazing experience

this one is great every year :)

full play no commentary

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