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i fucking love this


Great tribute to bad horror games, but at least should have had cursor lock to stop it from going out the game screen. Other than that, excellent masterpiece throwing scares and humor at your way non stop. Thank you for making this! 1st game.


i speak spanish, but, i had a great moment palying your game! gj



this was amazing

how do you make all of this in two days?

Hilarious! It's something interesting for sure

lol, this was an experience but a very funny game 

this is the Christmas meme game of the year lls


Well that was fun and funny GOOD JOB👍


this game was so much fun !

se ve piola el juego me prendi xddddd

This game insanely fun!


downloading it xD (Wish me luck plsss)

Amazing game! Better than 99% AAA and indie horror games)


This game was fun playing it. Weird game but that’s the point. I found it funny lol good job dev

that was  a mintege game

This game was hilarious, I had a great time playing it! The jumpscares were good too, definitely got me. Here's my funny moments while playing (Starts 4:26) PLEASE CHECK OUT

Gloriously strange.

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Comments below clip;

I always thought of christmas as being a period of sitting back and being nothing but lazy [or drunk]. But this ff-ing game had me firing on all cylinders, trying badly to stay 1 step ahead of the menace chasing my ass all over the place.

Thank you for 15 minutes of both horror and fun :o]

Kudos to all involved.

On a side note; I did run ino a bug, as I got stuck trying to go down the staircase and had to jump over the railing to get downstairs instead [see clip].

ngl pretty scary shit 

I was asked to blind play this game and I don't regret it

Didn't realise this was by the same people that made Night Of The Consumers!!

somehow clipped out of the map and when i got back in i couldnt progress and santa couldnt kill me. really great and fun game!

I honestly don't know how to describe this game but all I can say is that it is totally worth playing! Go in with a open mind tho. Lol

What the game? but i like it. Hahaha..

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wtf did I just play?

And why Im recommending it??

The game was great at portraying bad indie games which made it more genuine and funny to a sense that it was still scary. A bit wonky but what can you expect from a parody game. This was one hell of a ride 

spiel ist jetzt schon kaka obwohl ich es noch nicht gespielt habe 

Had a blast with this game. It was funny and all but it didn't completely abandon the horror element and was scary at times. I also did a gameplay if anyone wants to see my reactions! (im only 14 tho)

this game was funny 

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