V 0.04 - New Consumer & Bug Fixes

Note: This update doesn't expand on secrets. (coming soon)

Added a new Consumer - Scooter.

Boxes no longer get stuck on toilet paper/pallets.

Player no longer gets stuck on toilet paper.

You can no longer hit invisible enemies at the start of the game.

Fixed some spelling mistakes.

Changed some older textures on item pickups.

Added Unique sound effects for each Consumer when they are hit with boxes.

Chains now appear on safe rooms when the timer expires.

Added missing collision on some End-bays and FLESHBIRD Standees


Mar 14, 2020


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Bought the game. The menu opens, and all I can do is scroll up and down through the options. It won't let me select anything; I've tried every button on the keyboard and mouse. Do I need a gamepad?

i can't buy the game can someone help me?

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 its for 32 bit? answer quickly


no its not 32 bit, Its 64 bit for window 10

cuz I just brought game, that was cheap lol


I love this game but I would like an option to change sensitivity, I turn too slowly.

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pls make this free im waiting


just buy it, its really cheap and they need to make a living

Bought the game and it wont load. I need support or refund as well?

same here

Same. Can't get the game to launch.

I’ve got it to launch now, luckily one of the devs helped me

purchase download not launching  need support or Amex   refund


Hey man Im just checking in to see if you are okay because you havent posted in a month now

Hey dude I played this game on my channel Jeezet, and i got to say what a GREAT GAME.  I can't wait for the secrets update, would love to feature again. Thanks for the great game, and I hope to hear from you soon. - Jeezet


 Hello, I bought this game about a week ago, but I still can’t log in because it gives an error like " failed to load mono", but I didn’t write it before because I was busy. I tried to reinstall it but it did not help. Do you know why this is?

I am interested in buying this game, but I was wondering if there is a place for suggestions and perhaps even a rough roadmap so that curious people like me can know how often updates will come. I will still buy it regardless because I love the concept, but something like surviving off a set income, working overtime or even a day and night cycle would add a bit more of a varied gameplay dynamic. I don't want to spam so I would appreciate it if someone could let me know as I am new to this site. 

Can't play this game because the character keeps moving to the left side.

unplug your gamepad?

Didn't sadly fix the issue.

Instructions unclear got dick stuck in the blender

How or when can I get this new update?

Go into your account and look into your purchases should allow you to install the update that way.

Thanks for the update :)  Keep up the good work

i bought it but idk how to play it pls help i clicked download but it doesnt work it says dangerous file

Depending on your anti-virus it might say that the download could be harmful but I assure you its not. Its common to get those kinds of messages with games made in Unity. You'll need to download WinRAR to extract the downloaded file, once extracted open the folder, then you can run the game using the .exe file.