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It's your first day on the job and the store is closing in a matter on minutes. The consumers, with their unrelenting thirst for customer service are still prowling the aisles and there are shelves still to be stocked up. The store needs to be kept in pristine condition, and empty shelves will not be tolerated by The Manager. Welcome to hell.






Developed / Music by

GERMFOOD (https://twitter.com/germfood)

First Person Character Controller for Unity by

Breogan Hackett (https://twitter.com/BreoganHackett)

Download it here: https://github.com/boaheck/TheFirstPerson

Consumers Voices by

MrKravin (https://twitter.com/mrkravin)

Note: This game is for Windows 64-bit versions.


You need WinRAR or 7Zip to extract the downloaded game files. 

Once you extracted the files with one of these programs, find and open the extracted folder and run the executable file found inside to run the game.


Buy Now$1.93 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $1.93 USD. You will get access to the following files:


Development log


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Loved this! Really showed the fear that black friday brings!

loved this game! 

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Happy Black Friday everyone!!! This gave me flashbacks ...

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Absolutely terrifying. I got PTSD after one minute 😂

can someone tell me the names of the customers

what is the hidden ending?Who can tell me or send a redio?Please~I really want to know about this!

Не могу банально купить игру, не знаю с чем это связано, но после заполнения карты, ничего не происходит.  А так,  игра очень даже ничего, смотрел ее на YT так как поиграть сам не могу 

Can not open the game, unable to unzip it, only get error


This game made me insane


Deleted 41 days ago

then buy it, its f'ing 2$


I cant buy it if I gotta use my mom damn credit card 

dude just buy a damn paysafecard or some shit


I'm having a issue actually starting the game. No matter what I do it will not start the game. Any help?

did you unzip it?

if not use 7zip (find game file right click then click 7zip and  extract files. otherwise I have no clue


One of the most terrifying and hectic games I've ever played, honest to god

When is there going to be an update? Awesome game!

Sorry i replied late but he is actually working on a game changing update! but hes on a break i think

I absolutely love this game! 


This game is the best. I currently work in Retail and I would have to say; this game hits the nail right on the head... and I can strongly recommend this game to anyone who is working retail. 

I would love to see a Cashier (mini/sub game) mode or as a mission that is randomly called out via text box. 

Have a text box appear with text detailing a random number of customers in line; players would have to drop their current task and take care of cashiering while avoiding getting stopped by customers before their sub timer runs out enroute to the registers.

While on till, players have to be accurate and efficient, after three mistakes players loose; mistakes include: Excessive and insufficient change back to the customer, missed item while scanning/ customer leaves without paying for an item, and unbagged items. 

Players would have to scan and bag items. appropriate payment type (Cash, Check, or Credit Card with Coupons), with each Customer to ring up another sub timer will count down and if a player is too slow the game over. 

10/10 too realistic. too spooky. just as frustrating as actual retail work. Good job.

Pour les francophones ! 

It's maybe the best game I've ever played.  Only for 2 dollars! However, i found a glitch to duplicate the box you're currently holding (by throwing and dropping at the same time). You can stock the shelf even if it's already done, and the game counts it. You can cheat and win by doing this, so please fix it! Best game ever, I recommend it!

Hi, its been like 5 months since i ''bought'' this game and i still dont receive it, is there something i can do to get this game?

you need to go to my library, my purchases then bundles  then search within the bundle if you got it with the racial equality one


Nope, I still don't get the game, is there any other way?

This is the best game and I'm obsessed with it. It took me hours to finally beat it, despite knowing what to do (throwing the boxes in their respective sections before starting to put something on a shelf). Rather than starting in the cleaning aisle like other people, I think it's best to start in the Halloween/DIY section. You need quick movements to be good at this game. Don't waste any time, and don't spend too long in the staff rooms. 

Notable glitches: If you press the wrong button while stocking something on a shelf, the box will fall in a lagging way, then when you pick it up and try to grab items from it, they won't appear. You have to restart the game. Sometimes when someone approaches me, the game will randomly glitch out and I'll be walking on the ceiling for a moment. There is of course the notorious glitch in which someone will try to tell you what they want but no text will appear. 

I accidentally selected open as internet explorer and i dont know how tp change it back so i can extract it. Every time i delete it off my computer and re download it, it still opens as internet explorer. Is there a way to fix this or am i going to have to re-buy the game

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I suggest getting a copy of 7zip to unzip the rar file, you can open up 7zip after you are done installing it and then use "open archive" or "extract" in the program on the file to open it.

when are they going to update when you meet the mangers at 6 o'clock and what will happen i beat this game 6 times its so fun thx germfood

Am i supposed to have a controller for this or something? i'm on pc and when i open the game it only gives me the menu and i can't select anything. i've tried the enter button and just about every other key but i cant select anything

I suggest a mouse  if you haven't tried already

thank u i got it working. It was the space button lol I’m just dumb

ik the developer is working  i don,t have this game yet but ik its great hope they update the game sadly i cant make online purchases so ill spread some positivity in chat hope you have a good day!


really enjoyable game, took me a little while to figure out the correct strategy to get everything right so customers can't trip me up too much so actually more depth than i was expecting!

great value for $1.93! 

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This game is nothing short of horrific, soul sucking nightmare fuel bringing us all back to those days in retail. Yes, it scared the ever lovin' buhjeezis out of me and I LOVED IT. Did I beat it? Almost.

 Thank you for such a fine piece of work! 



plese freeee im vont to play this game but im dont have money plese free...

plese people plese freee.......good people give free version!!!!




whyyy???? im dont have money to buy this game....

Pllese DandTheMan17 dont say this.....

say this: plese free version

and you god man

(1 edit) (+3)

so let's see: someone goes to considerable time to create a game, puts a lot of effort into the sound, music and gameplay and then puts it up for $1.93. 

that's a great deal. $1.93 is not a lot of money. 

here's an idea: get a job, then you will have some money and can buy the game.

that's the way the world works. deal with it.

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dont know why people are complaining about an underpriced game


im kid of 12 years old plese dont mad on me but im vont to play this game help anyone tipe: Plese freeee!!!

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lol so you're a kid, that explains it. you're just learning then.

so, lessons:

1) things cost money. so if you're 12 a) ask your parents or b) go sell lemonade or something like that. $1.93 is easy to get.  $1.93 is like the cost of a newspaper.  this game is $1.93 whereas many games cost $60 or more, so it's almost practically free.

2) begging for free stuff annoys many people, which is why you got yelled at. typing "plese freeee" all the time will just get you yelled at as no-one likes begging. begging for free stuff on the internet just makes you look bad.

heed these lessons and you will prosper young grasshopper.

or you can just keep on typing "plese freeee" and annoy people. it's a really low price already, so they're already doing you a favor. games aren't "freeee" to make.


Dude, he spent a lot of time to make this. You can help by buying it rather than begging for the game for free. Just buy it.


youre extremely selfish for asking someone to make their game, that supports them and was hard work, free. you should be ashamed of yourself. get a job.


jesus christ dude just buy it. it's less than 2 dollars come on.

there is a glitch in night of the consumers. The glitch happens when you pick up a box and when you click both click buttons on the same time  on your mouse in duplicates them. So pls fix this glitch.

                                                                                    Love masters1245


If you made the guy in the front look a bit more like Joe Biden, I'm sure this game will sell more.


dont put that child toucher in my christian video game

how do you get it to open


im too poor

ask someone for a visa giftcard for chrimbus


its a dollar.

Game is fun and good, buy when you can
only problem is that sometimes boxes of the same aisle spawn twice


It’s cool

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Man I love this game but since march there wasn´t an update anymore so it is kinda getting boring.

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man........................ i cant afford the game im poor :(



awe! I’ll buy it for you ! 

I must be an idiot because I can't figure out how to stock the shelves.


haha just drag

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