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It's your first day on the job and the store is closing in a matter on minutes. The consumers, with their unrelenting thirst for customer service are still prowling the aisles and there are shelves still to be stocked up. The store needs to be kept in pristine condition, and empty shelves will not be tolerated by The Manager. Welcome to hell.






Developed / Music by

GERMFOOD (https://twitter.com/germfood)

First Person Character Controller for Unity 

Breogan Hackett (https://twitter.com/BreoganHackett)

Consumers Voices

MrKravin (https://twitter.com/mrkravin)

Updated 13 days ago
Published 29 days ago
Tags3D, Comedy, First-Person, Horror, Pixel Art, Retro, Singleplayer, Survival Horror, Unity


Buy Now$1.93 USD or more

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You guys are awesome. I stayed up late playing this video and really love to show my review!

I shared you guys all over my social media ! You guys will be super successful! I believe in you all!


Will be live 12AM ( 8 GMT+ )

Love from Malaysia!


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Can I play this game on my MacBook Air ?


i want  the new update but its corona time right now

Deleted 3 days ago

its literally $1.93 dollars


Goodluck on the game dude! I tip you my hat, and hook me up with any info for a theory if you can!

REALLY good game.  Made a video on it too

If I consent to this purchase, of my own free will, and with no overlying imperative to do so, then what have I become?



it makes me sad  that i got to pay 2 dollers but it was free before i will watit to get this game 

You're that stingy for 2 dollars?

yes don’t respond to me kid if you don’t like that you’re get over it 

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Lmao "kid?" You don't even have proper grammar (or spelling), "kid."

I agree with you but it's spelled grammar

bitch i make more money than you make in 10 years 

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Lmao I'm too young to have a part time job. And I've already got my future planned so how bout you keep yourself to your parent's basement, and leave teens on their own. Ok? Ok.

p.s. If you make more money than me in 10 years, then why are you complaining about $2? I make more than that in a month. lego-master is right.

Played some more, still wasn't able to complete it but had fun! :) Thanks again.

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playing this games was AMAZING! every unique.

here's my gameplay:

show some love :)

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I work in a large grocery store and this game is too realistic! It calms me down and cracks me up so much. Such a great concept, well executed and very timely! Thank you!! Love love love it.

Will there be a version for Mac in the future?

when i saw this game had been released i had a DREAM i was inside of it. thats how amazing i find your game. keep it up man!

I agree the game is amazing but that dream sounds like a real nightmare though yikes. Was it complete with the "EXCUUUUSE ME"'s echoing through your mind?

ya, "excuUUs' mE" or "excuse meee" on this game is kinda creepy

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hi,I've found some glitches on your game. Also,I would be glad if there was like an endless mode,without timing or limited boxes. Anyway,the game is awsome

This game should have a physical copy on PlayStation 1 !! i would definitely BUY IT! MAKE MORE MISSIONS PLEASE! 

Recently purchased this game its amazing

hi how is it called the graphics/texture style? i mean to its 3d pixel art, does it has a special name?

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we typically refer to this style as 'Low Poly" or "PS1" or  "PSX" style. There is a big community making stuff like this including Scythe Dev, Puppet Combo, and lots of people in the HauntedPS1 group. There is also a big revival of 90s First Person Shooters (90s FPS) such as Dusk. I think all of these would fall under "low poly" tag though

thanks man


Hi Which Engine

It was made using the Unity engine. If you're looking forward to be making games yourself Unity is a great place to start. It uses C# (I think Java too idr), works both 3D and 2D, and the asset store will be your best friend when starting out

I'm already expert in unity engine thank you!! btw how u made the ui matches every res?

HOW DO YOU BEAT THIS GAME.. it was really  fun !!

I am still waiting for clarification as to why I was robbed.

Hello! I am no moderator or tech support but i suppose this page can help https://itch.io/support.
Try contacting the developer of the game first before emailing Itch.io.


Yo, im sorry this happened to you. Recently I found a site that was reselling the game, so its possible that you might have downloaded it off a scam site thats made to look like this store page/itchio. If you have twitter you can DM me @germfood with more info and i'll get back to you.

Here is my twitter @antek56969258 thank you!

This game is very unique , great game!!


i cant get into the game how the hell do you get in!?!?!??!?!?!??!??!?!??!?!???!?!?!?!!!!!!!!???!??!?!??!?!??!?


Download winrar and unzip it



i can't wait for new updates.Amazing game i love it i already beat this game 6 times 

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My brief play through, absolutely loved this game. Brought back a lot  of memories of when I use to work retail. Great Great Game! 

On March 27, 2020, I bought from this site a game. I was to get an e-mail with access to the game but I didn't get it. A game in my region costs 2.24 USD. 26.98 USD has disappeared from my account after buying the game. I look forward to explaining.


Yo, im sorry this happened to you. Recently I found a site that was reselling the game, so its possible that you might have downloaded it off a scam site thats made to look like this store page/itchio. If you have twitter you can DM me @germfood with more info and i'll get back to you.

Finally beat it!! Awesome Game :-)


To anyone buying this, please note that this game is for 64 bit systems, when i tried playing it on another pc it won't start, so i sticked on to may main pc which is 64 bit and it runs fine.


well i want to buy the game, I have enough money to buy the game i have enough on my iTunes card but thats not a payable option! Smh MAKE IT A PAYABLE OPTION!!!!!


Itunes is for music

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Just seeing the trailer of this game was an insta-buy for me. I absolutely love bizarre and creepy games like this!

My only complaints atm are no controller support, and that I have to download winrar or 7zip to extract the game. Why not just use a zip file?


Will this game be on Steam?

One Day It Will

I hope


pls germfood, i dont have pc because im in middle school and can you make Night Of Consumers for Android or IOS? i buy it. I like mobile indie horrors

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Porting it to mobile is pretty difficult. And the controls would be too clunky for this.

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Night of the Consumers is a Masterpiece, I really love games like this, can’t wait on what’s going to happen next ;) 

I finally beat it thoughhhhh ^_^ 


I love this game but I dont have a computer (considering I'm a middle schooler) can you please make this game in mobile please I would love a retail horror game on mobile to play


its not that easy


is it free on windows if it is how do I download it


you need to pay


I see people post their videos in the comments of most decent games, but do people watch these? Like do they help people decide if the game is worth getting or not or is it just annoying?

I'll throw mine in this time, but yeah this game is great, pretty challenging, actually scary because it is very real, I had a really fun hour with it, then I beat it. Apparently the ??? options on the main menu will get updated later too, so maybe more game to come.

I watched some.

Possibly some new maps or endless mode.


make it free


stop acting poor and pay smh dont you have a 1.93?

Please show some support!! :) HAVE A GREAT DAY!! :)

Crazy relevant game that hits home for me!

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