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The game is fucking horrible when it comes to the time and where they are for you to go like I could be a the left isle whit one more box left and a person would ask for something that's at the right side and then I would lose cause I wont have enough time and that games is just fucking dogshit anyways it is the worst fucking game ever don't waste  money on this shit game.

i installed it but it wont let me play

it wont let me install i





THIS IS THE WORST GAME I HAVE EVER PLAYED, but i mean that in somewhat of a good way. I did a 2 part series on this game, and IT GAVE ME THE WORST MIGRAINE EVER. If you are looking to throw away all of your braincells and time on this one video game, then by all means, go ahead but dont say i didnt warn you. this game is 10/10


how do i get this game in canad

i dont know

You buy it like you would anything else online, only this is in USD, you can find a conversion rate on Google if your worried about the exact cost

loved it but would be great to add more to it


Please put this incredible game on Steam!!!

This looks awesome


"love to get on steam"  feels a lot like "imma return this asap"


Would love to get this on steam

Would love to get this on steam, to be able to get achivements and stuff.


why would i pay for a horror game

because why not lol

why wouldn't you?

Ahh another free loafer that floats around waiting for free games from Epic lol You pay for the quality and work put into it, giving support so that the developer can get new assets etc, thus, expanding the game. 

Ich habe schön kaufen und kommt nicht spielt warum Hilfe bitte

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) EXCUSE ME! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) I made a video and a screenshot of THE MANAGER.


this game reminds me of puppet combos games but less scarier not judge customers in there got me screamin


Help whenever i try to use 7zip on it it says "Can't open the file as archive"


sorry it says unityplayer.dll error


I have tried to run the game but when I try it says unityplayer.dll what do i do

I still need to go back and finish this game but I was both thrilled and entertained. nicely done indeed! 

someone plz respond idk how to open the game  

if you bought the game, extract the folder with winrar or 7zip

Someone please respond to this if you can answer my qustion!!! I can't find out anywhere if I'm able to play this game in Australia. Does anybody know if it allows me to play this game without a VPN in Australia?? Thanks to anyone who replies!


You shouldn't need a VPN to run a desktop game. You can download and play NoTC in Australia without a VPN.

If you're wondering how to extract the file onto your desktop just use an extraction program like WinRAR or 7Zip (i prefer 7Zip, but its up too you).

If you don't want to donwload an extraction program there are online ones and websites, however I'm not too sure on how private  and secure they are.

Hey man thank you!! Appreciate that so much! 🐐

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bought the game,its probably gonna be very cool,im gonna use cloudconvert or 7zip to make it a zip file


You moved onto other projects without even updating this page?


linux port when?

No matter what I do I can't get start the game. It loads up, but as soon as i get to the menu it wont let me press "start game". i can spin around the menu cog thing with WASD but no key and no amount of clicking lets me interact with anything. Bug perhaps? or am I blind?..

try the space bar

no matter what key I press nor how many different ways I click, this game will not start. I tested each of my keys in other games I ran on Steam to ensure that they functioned. I even went so far as to open a word document to see if each key stroke was actually doing something and they were. (spacebar included)

Try deleting the file and reinstalling it. If that doesn't work then I don't know


I payed and now I realize this is meme trash. That's it. It's buggy as hell and got its money. I'd get a refund if I knew how to. Zero recommendation. This is meme trash, moving on. Its not scary its just pure meme trash. Good job you made something of less than value.


lol what do you mean this is "meme trash"? This isnt piggy backing off some kind or trend or anything, it is its own game with its own gameplay and shit. Like imagine being this critical of a 2 dollar game lmao


Imagine having zero i-frames after getting caught by a consumer then you get caught by another and another and another and another and not going "Oh I get it. The joke is funny the first time." But instead realizing this is not a meme. And then defending this fucking trash. This is what I mean by a meme. Its fucking stupid. The joke is understood the first time but if you want to have an actual "game" you have concretely made something that is entirely based on the RNG of how the consumers spawn. After playing over a few hours of the game I will not change my opinion, the game is a meme. The game is trash and it wont be worked on, there's zero reason to recommend this to anyone.
I'd actually want a refund on this stupid ass game.





My Hero


Holy shit you're actually one of the consumers from the game. How did you escape? 




can someone tell me what i need to download in order to play this. it wont let me open it! please help, i have an asus if that helps

You need to have winrar

thank you!

hot DANG this is fun but super hard to play for me bc i have a built in mouse thing so it's harder

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This game was so amazing!! I usually don't leave reviews but i had to after recording this gameplay.  I had seen other youtubers play this game in the past and I already knew this game was great.  Also, I truly appreciate the game for what it is especially for the price they allowed us to purchase it for. Great Game will suggest to play.

Also, if you would like check out my gameplay maybe even consider subscribing. 


I got the game and It took a while because my winzip expired but finally got it open with a different zip. Its a very terrifying yet exciting game. So many theories to uncover.  Fantastic

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I bought the game and the thing didnt work and i tried it one more time and it still didnt download and im in the right country and have the right version and it wont work so now ive lost 4 dollars so game developer can you help please 


have you extract the zip file?

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edit : Thank you guys for SO MANY views! Please consider subscribing for more great games I found on! My editing skills have gotten much better since this was edited/made

I can't believe how much I loved this game


Is the creator planning on updating anytime soon its been over a year?



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cant u use vpn to change ur country


This game was so good m, i recommend it 
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