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pls can some one help me 

when i put on night 1 it dose not work 

The Screams and floating arms lol this was a FUN playthrough!

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is this game coming out on steam?

At first I didnt think this was an Horror Game...
At first.

when are you gonna make more chapters

bro how do i get new version




good game but kinda crashes sometimes

im not even gonna lie this game fire especially the trailer


Newest version -

bug 1 - black screen when loading night 1 - only loaded after repeated attempts

bug2 - can't move mouse at all, can't rotate camera once in game.

bug is not present in old version

you need to change the camera FOV and then change the mouse sensitivity

Pls drop steam


oh,guys this game is very crazy!


I started the game and selected night 1. Then there was a black screen. What should I do to make the game work?

1.- Esc
2.- Change FOV


Run from the customers


Cleared Night 1 and here are my thoughts.

I do wish customers would leave you alone for a moment after you've helped them. I get that they're supposed to be annoying, but it's just better for you to throw a box at them than to help with what they want. Knocking them out stuns them for longer than actually helping them. And that feels bad especially when you barely have any time when you're stocking Pet Food and they want you to take them to DIY.

It also feels way too difficult by default. It's Night 1 and there's presumably going to be at least a full week of play, but it's just an endless stream of customers like it's Black Friday already. I can't imagine how difficult Night 2 is going to be if this is the starting point.

Going back to barely having time to traverse the store, I also don't like how the music cue you get to lead them where they need to go feels like it doesn't clearly mark when you're out of time. It feels like you just kind of run out of time rather than it lining up with a particular portion of that cue. Not sure if it's a bug, but it seems like the idea is that the music increases in speed until they call for a manager, but to me it never sounded like it was ramping up far enough and I was just failing out of nowhere. Also confusing that you've got 3 attempts to find where they need to go, but the timer is so short, you won't have time to make a second guess. You'll just kind of trip an attempt if you walk through an aisle trying to take a shortcut.

Lastly, it's very buggy. On my first boot up, the Spacebar bugged out and was pausing the game with each press, making it impossible to stock the shelves. On two occasions, the game crashed after I helped a Consumer and went back to restocking. It just froze up and I had to Force Quit to resolve it. Incredibly frustrating when this happened and I literally had two ketchup bottles left to restock. There's an issue where you need to adjust the FOV or you just stare at a black screen. Also with the FOV, you can't stock the Video Game shelf (the only one I had the issue with at least) if the FOV is too low. It will not let you place the game cases on the two rightmost slots without bumping up the FOV (I fixed this by just maxing out the FOV for my playthrough). The Mouse Sensitivity was also 0 by default when I started it up, so I couldn't turn.

I do very much like the look of the game overall. I like how it feels to move around in the game. A lot of time and effort was put into the store and I was quickly able to find my way around it. I like the characterization of the Consumers even if I find them more annoying than actual retail customers.

cool game


retailing moment.


Good Game!

Hello. I recently bought NotC, and noticed a bug on my second session.
Can I report it somewhere?




I enjoyed looking at the Goku pngs in the comments more than the game sadly


Heyo! So multiple times I ran into the game crashing specifically when I'm stocking shelves... not sure if that'll be an easy fix, but I'd hope so! I'd like to play through this game. Was so much fun until the multiple crashes



I can't move my mouse at all in the new version.


press escape and make you mouse sensitivity over 0

Great game, just a tad bit difficult lol

Don't work

Hello, I would like help since I bought this game after a couple of months I restarted my laptop. Does anyone know how to recover the file?

It should be in your library

Played the update a month ago and decided to post it hope you guys enjoy, can't wait for the update!

how do i update

why is it saying that I need to change the country im in how do I fix that to play this gam


Game crashes too much


Hey, how did you maked your games so popular? I mean, how did you promote them, If it's a bit weird, then I'm sorry i would just like to know :P


give free?


so cool


Awesome game, 10/10 :D


Ummm if its night they should not be here 🤓

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