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Is it possible to stunt the evil manager with a case when you loose?


put this on steam already

I worked in retail for 10 years, can confirm this is the scariest game I've ever played haha. 

I purchased this game and downloaded it through the email. the file downloads, i click on the file and i don't see anywhere to upload the game and play it. Itech support is 0 help and doesn't return emails (fantastic..) can anyone help?? Pc user*

you should usually be able to download the game from this page - where you would have pressed the buy button, it will say download instead :)

I’ve done all that. It downloads to a zip file. I open it and  I just get random files

how do you play?

i get locked going straight and i can't look around someone please help

This store is cursed...

The game was great until my Sprint function suddenly broke and I wasn't going fast anymore, just doing the running animation while moving slowly, which pretty much makes the game unbeatable if you get a request on the opposite side of the store. Completely deleting the game and re-downloading it weirdly didn't work either. 

amazing game also to unzip the file you can use bree zip and it is on the app store!

omggggg such rude customers!!!! LOLL twas a fun game :D

I've played this a few times in the last 2 years and it never gets old

Gameplay en español

This game is funny as hell lol I really enjoyed it.
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pls make it free


seems legit, people gotta eat my guy.



fav game on the channel will be making more

"Capitalism is the true horror" is my favorite new genre.

Loved the game, hope to see more!


Can someone explain to me why my sprint is glitched? when I try to run i basically walk while my screen goes up and down.



L fr fr


I'm going to buy it here but I wish it were available on steam. Do your future customers favour and post it there :) 


yo, love the look of the game, great vibe goin on, but i'm curious, will you ever publish the game to steam? i feel like you would definitely have a good audience on there and could bank extra bucks and happy customers/players. I for one would 100% purchase it on steam, cheers if you see this! 


Loved this indie horror game! it scared me multiple times!

Anxiety inducing. Great game. Thank you!






Click on the Start button and then click space.


thanks bro!


Usually doesnt load and when it does the sensitivity is way to low to play, but i have seen gameplay and it looks fun so good game i guess 8/10


This is the most stressful game I've ever played


NIGHT OF THE CONSUMERS has an interesting concept and we all should say thank you to all the retail staff during the pandemic. Unfortunately, there was a bug of not being able to put things on the shelf, which blocked the entire gameplay. It would be very helpful if there are more hints on the control.


An absolute blast!!! Props to everyone out there working retail, you guys deserve a raise!!!


Night of the consumers has the merit of being clear. 

You play an employee who works in a shopping center but who apparently has a great social phobia and must avoid any contact with customers or else there will be a risk of dismissal.

Germfood is well inspired by the daily stress of its employees and made its most horrific bring their touch well to them.

A good game mechanic, forcing us to watch our backs all the time.

A perfect Artistic Direction that adds an uncomfortable atmosphere.

A sound design very well worked.

Well done to the Germfood team !

I appreciate it, thank you!

Game is pretty Realistic from the last 2 years, It's pretty Solid but I have found some giltchs but they are hard to do so don't worry about it

Very cool game and its pretty hard 

There's just no way this game is that hard.... pause.

i already bought the game but it doesn't want to work for me ;/

it doesnt show up on my laptop


I’m glad it was never this bad when I worked in a supermarket, you did get the odd person going into fresh veg asking for where a specific alcohol was. I tell you one thing I learned, if a customer wanted something employee only areas did not stop them, you will find them in the back of the store when you least expect it.

Was a great manic game that I had to actually plan and evade to complete.




pls and thank you

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