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cool game!


This game connects with me on a new plane of existence.


Love the game so far, definitely an accurate recreation of my trauma as a grocery clerk!

Really need a proper controls screen though and maybe an exit button. I have to max out my mouse sensitivity to play and I can't figure out how to exit so I end up just opening the task manager to end it.

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If you guys don't know which engine is this game made of, it's actually called unity and it uses blender to make the characters with some picture editing softwares to make a pixelated pictures and textures to put on the characters and low-poly graphics 3d look lol


Excuse me


I want to hit the bald Manager

Jimmy vomited. I'm not doing it

Boss, I'm done ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

Well done, I'll give you a raise

love night of the consumers


What Engine was this made in?

99% sure it's unity


GREAT JOB!!! Every bit of this game is awesome, from the vintage looking graphics to the amazing soundtrack . Definitely challenging but addictive. I'm not one to play PC games, but when I saw this on YouTube I had to play it.  I'm happy I did, keep up the great work.

Gave it a go...

Worth the money. And It's a damn good challenge. Here's my video of the game | LIKE and SUBSCRIBE If you enjoy would mean a lot

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can't play it as it won't let me buy it as it says i have to be outside eu to purchase and im in uk NOT PART OF EU 


You might need to use a vpn, there's some free vpns you can install onto google chrome


I'm from the UK and I have no problems downloading it. I don't appreciate the fact you've gave the game a 1-Star Rating just cause you can't download the game/haven't even played the game.


we took care of the rating, sorry about that. Updates to rating system will be coming


Thanks, no worries! Glad to hear there are some changes coming :)


Author have you downloaded your music? I like your music very much

That sounds very good


69 days since last update *nice*


Yes mobile night of the consumers on play store and app store




we need a mobile night of the consumers.


You know how hard it is


game is very fun and im twelve and i still get the crap scared out of me!  good game but i have a couple of complaints.  first off i played it once then i turned it off to do my school. then got back on but it didnt work it said somthing like  it has viruses in it so plz fix that. thx Good game


Just turn off ur anivirus for game time smh


Hey I Played this game on my channel! I screamed alot lol! Go check it! Thank you!

I just finished playing this game and will do more videos on it. It's very fun! I enjoy the intensity and the difficulty of each customer as you get more shelves filled. I also enjoy running from the manager as he chases you.  Hope to see updates to this game in the future! It's awesome! 

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I FINALLY FINISHED THE GAME!! This is the best video I have made in a while, the dev has done an amazing job on this game. I can't wait to play more games from this developer.

This game will haunt me forever. Thx


Hilarious premise, quite a game you guys got, a haunting reminder to all who have worked retail. 


Working in retail, this hits close to home.


payed for the game but im unable to play it because it wont open :( 

really dissapointed

Did you unzip the files first?

i tried but it just keeps saying there are not contents to extract

That is rather odd what program are using to extract the files? Winrar or Sevenzip? And how are you extracting the folder? Usually I extract to the file itself so if it says unzip to Night of the Consumers.rar I would do that and I usually have the files that way. If you are unable to do that I may be able to help you out privately with this.

i tried both winrar and sevenzip, im going to try reinstalling right now and trying again.

Download or some other form of file extraction application

ive tried to but when i hit extract it says there are not contents to extract :/

I look forward to trying this one tomorrow evening. 

- Tim

This game is really fun, it was challenging running up and down the aisles trying to avoid the shoppers, and if they got in the way I just threw boxes at them, easiest solution I could think of. If you’re caught after the time has expired you better be ready for The Manager.


i cant play this i realy want it but i dont have money pls make it free

im only ten


me too:(


we can all vote


Voting will not make the game free stop being an e-beggar.


Finnaly someone with braincells

omfg, dude its 1 dollar, i understand that some of you guys are kids and don't have bank accounts, and if that's the case either ask your parents, or WAIT UNTIL YOU'RE OLDER FFS


Read my above post on that.


same :(


Ask your parents for $1.93 then hell I paid 5.93$ intentionally overpaid because I was impressed with the Dev's work.




every time i play this game it gets better

one of the best indie horror games out there 

i'd love a full game. AMAZING GAME!!!

Can there please be a Sensitivity option my character moves around too slow and I try to turn around and quickly stun the customer.

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Try changing your mouse DPI through the computer settings

Ok so this is a bug, when i throw my box at customers and stun them, you know they are  on the ground, i go to pick up my box they get me, even though they are on the floor,  and when a costumer gets me the text is blank and i have to wait for it to come back which wastes time. overall this is a great game 10/10 would recommend 

This game was so much more difficult and much more true to life than I would have liked to admit! Loved it! Managed to finish it eventually. Very much looking forward to more! 

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I just made pt.3 to this game and FINALLY BEAT IT! I would really appreciate if you guys checked it out! THANKS!


I made a song on this game :)

Target Team Member Plays Night Of The Consumers..

Yeah Germfood you knocked it out of the park with this one! Retail work can really start to feel like this sometimes. Especially in today's age. I actually had an idea for another "customer"! As a retail worker myself, one thing we have to look out for is theft. So what if there was someone who came into the store and tried to steal something and we had to stop him? Could add some really cool mechanics to the game! If you've got some time give my video a watch! Keep it up man, and stay safe! 

I normally don't post here, but I am definitely a fan of this project. While not directly a representation of what it is like in retail, it captures that feeling of anger and anxiety that exists for us retail employees today.

Great art style, great direction, not too many mechanics, and just the right amount of challenge.
Thank you for this game!

Ha this made me laugh and scared at the same time. Its visually great and fun however its quite hard.

Starts at 2:40

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