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TagsComedy, Crime, Dark, Horror, Low-poly, Mystery, Narrative, Pixel Art, Point & Click, PSX (PlayStation)


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What is Larry's McDonalds order?


Good game, had some troubles finding Larry sometimes, but still.

Cheers from Italy

Amazing game, but I do have a quick question about one of the characters in the game. [SPOILER ALERT]

I was looking at the game's files in AssetStudio and found some sprites of Findo meeting an unfortunate end. Is there a secret scene in the game where these sprites are used, or was it cut from the game?

I love this game, best $4.00 I have ever spent in my LIFE!

I Found this man, Worth the BUY!

Man loved the game, when i saw it was made from the creators of Night Of The Consumer, i just knew i needed to check it out and play it, keep up the hard work...

yo soy luigi mammamia luigi.exe soy amigo de mario maddnes, go go pico yeah go go pico yeah go go pico ooo si asi es, yo soy luigi me encanta cantar de espaldas, acercate acercate mas no te hare ningun daño go go pico yeah go go pico yeah go go pico yeah *risa malvada*, WTF IS THAT

r u planning on a pt 2 

What a roller coaster ride of a game! Loved the art style, story, and everything about this! Can't wait to see what hidden secrets find their way to the surface as we learn more about Larry!!

(1 edit)

Download does not work. It says the Data folder should be next to the executable and it is.

Edit: Using 7Zip fixed this. Windows 11 default option sucks.


My boredom led me to translate your game 'Let's Find Larry' into French! 

If you're interested, you can contact me on Twitter : @twohmaa ! :)

ca va etre gratuit ou ca va etre un mod ?

Alors pour le coup je leur donne juste un doc avec les traductions si jamais ils veulent faire une traduction fr mais c'est tout, je sais pas programmer mdrrr


Amazing Game, Love the style. but i do have a question: does the game have more than one ending?, because in the game's soundtrack there's a score that's called "Ending 2" or it's that just a bonus for the soundtrack. otherwise and awesome yet short game.

Interesting and cool concept. Love it. Shouldve been a bit longer after the "reveal" but still very good!


Another game from germfood (after Night of the Consumers) I played and I gotta say they did not disappoint me. 

Great game, nice art, catchy music however sadly unused potential of multiple ending game which they (naturally) teased within the game.

fr almost cried at this and now i feel betrayed...

we certainly found him!.... But... At what cost?

I have an idea! Maybe you can make Larry or Willy Mack a reoccurring character in your games akin to Hidden Mickeys or the Adventure Time snail (maybe when Night of the Consumers finally gets updated and completed, you can add a piece of graffiti in one of the later nights that says "Willy Mack was here.").

An amazing discovery for me. I just loved the game and it was really nice to play !

Gary Hedges from the amazing world of gumball

(eng)that game is perfect! 

(por)esse jogo é perfeito!

What an awesome surprise, it was nothing that I was expected, I've really loved this game!

played this because i saw it was getting a lot of attention and i was not disappointed. 

so cute, sorry, but is true


Hey there. I bought htis wonderful and was looking forward to playing it, however my monitor is 3840 x 1080 and everytime I open the game, it forces it into fullscreen mode. I have tried alt + Enter, -windowed and even DxWnd but all won't allow me to even click the Start or Quit Buttons. The game just zooms in the ratio of the title and unfortunatley is unplayable. I hope someone can find a fix for this soon please and thanks.

Soo much fun!
Thanks for this


can l have it for free pls

Super fun game! I was expecting a twist, but the way it was executed was incredible!

What is Larry's McDonalds order?


This looks super cool. Any plans to release it on Steam?


Germfood, you are the best creator of itch.io that i know. I love your gamestyle and drawing design. Your games are so well detailed, but they have a defect, they are too short. I love your games so much, keep going like this!!!


THanks :)

This game has a special place in my heart. It was so much fun and eerie at the same time.

It took me by surprise how good it is!

holy crap this game is lit



Why Did You Make It Paid?


How else will the developer earn money?

That's like asking why the grass is green. Do you expect every game to be free?

I Recall It Being Free Before. Do I Have Foggy Memory?


Oh silly Larry, thinking he can escape my LOVE! 

No one escapes my love, Larry...

...no one.

can you download this on an iPad? I tried to do it but none of the files will open



thank you for the reply. Can you explain what I need or how to download the game?


you need a computer for this game as far as i know lol


Hey, nice one :D


I had an awesome time with this game! Such an interesting concept that was really engaging! The build up of the story was good as well. I look forward to the next series that comes next! Keep up the good work! If you're curious about my experience, then you can check out the video on my channel or watch the video I posted here! Enjoy my agony!
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