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When extracting: Truncated data in huffman tables (#2)

Does anybody have a fixed rar file?  I really wanna try this game out!

That game was awesome!  Thanks for making us all an entertaining experience!
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Had a really fun time playing your game but I found a few bugs in the game my character would just get stuck in certain areas like the log cabins but despite this I still had a good time playing keep up the good work. : )

Really entertaining game! But we always died when we tried to run away from the birds and we could only avoid it by running diagonally! is this normal or did we have a bug?
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I died like 4 times, but it was pretty scary. I didn´t know where the birds were coming! 😬

This was absolutely phenomenal. Genuinely impressive stuff, the tension you've managed to build from simplicity. 

music was also very good at points, especially the church scene

also strafing is always fun :)


Interesting premise but way too hard for me.  Oh well.

Wow, this game gave me some serious Hitchcock vibes!!! The birds getting me between cabin 1 to cabin 2 were such a pain to pass, but EVENTUALLY I got through. And wow, was that a challenge!! This game was as amazing as it was horrifying!!! And the ending got me, lol!!!
Here is my play through, in case anyone is interested!!!

Playing 10 Horror Games on

Playing 10 Horror Games on 


SCREW THOSE BIRDS! The ending had me near world ending rage...

This game was creepy, challenging, and hilarious all at the same time. Nicely done.


If anyone needs a strategy, DON'T attack the birds. Just GO, run diagonally holding W and D and move away from the birds, don't stop going, you'll get it. The houses are checkpoints. It's all about moving.

Very fun to play and has awesome graphics. Perfect short length, brutal and scary fleshbirds, really gets you into the atmosphere of the game. Challenging and fun gameplay, has a satisfying ending and an amazing boss for the end. Recommend.

Pretty difficult game, here's some gameplay friends and I uploaded onto youtube.

hitem with the shovel

its a pretty difficult game! i love horror games but i couldnt get past the part when the birds first appear even after several retries x_x

ive watched many playthroughs though and its really good! i think its just that i was never good at these kinds of games aha ^^;;!

This game was very fun to play! It was like one of the classics from back in the day. It is challenging, but it feels rewarding once you get through it! 

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Jogo divertido e bem difícil. Pro público Brasileiro, gravei um vídeo deste jogo no meu canal há uns dias atrás. :)

I included your game and damn that was crazy, yet also interesting. Thanks for making this. Gave me a nice trip back in time.

simple horror game, but i enjoy it ^_^

how do .rar files work plz reply

I use something called cool file viewer and I right click the .rar file and click open with to see cool file viewer and it also worked on Night of the Consumers. This actual no scam I am being for real.


send me a free version i love that game. i know i saw your flesh birds easter egg in  NIGHT OF THE CONSUMERS pls send me a free version of night of the consumers

I don't think Germfood will give a free version of it

u just need to download winrar and then unzip it.

it's easy.


Just go into the microsoft store and search rar opener you'll be safer searching there

done and done

ok i dont understand how raropener works

you will have loads of fun watching this 


Birdemic: Shock and Terror: The Game

(not in a sense of it being horrible)



A fun and simple horror homage game. 

Played this game. Had a lot of fun!

(You start around 12:08)

I enjoyed playing this one. Nice job on it. Thanks for the fun


Night of The Consumers is awesome so I had to check out some of Germfood's other games!  Flesh Birds is a fun take-back to old school style games like Hectic and Doom.  It's surprisingly a lot of fun.  And i'm so glad you put in checkpoints! Lol.  Keep up the good work!

Really good stuff. Sound design was on point, music was cheesy as hell and gameplay was deep enough to keep me going, would love to see more.

I believe I saw Markiplier play this game, I had to buy NoTC to support you. Keep it up, you're going places.

This was immense amounts of fun! My cohost and I ran into some snags, but I don't blame the game for that. We had a blast, thank you for creating this, and please create more!

Holy shit , this is the real horror game , i love it :D

You can break this game and run from all of the crows by walking in a diagonal pattern.

Awesome game it's quite challenging but I love that PS1 / Doom/Blood style :) - I am currently making a independent horror film and one of our scenes requires a game (branded to our in film character) I would love to use FLESHBIRDS if possible, sorry if this is the wrong place to bring the conversation up but I have been unable to find any other means of contacting you. Well done with the game :) it's great hope to hear from you soon.

Hi, is there anywhere i can see your projects/films? Maybe a twitter page?

You can find me @germfood on twitter. 

Hi, thanks for the reply, unfortunately I am unable to DM you on twitter the full details of our project and our intention but I have left a tweet there to hopefully make contact.  Thanks again. Have a great eve!


Hey! nice work i really enjoyed this game and also aesthetic... 

I really enjoyed this game! It was honestly harder than I've expected, this is the final part of the full gameplay (which you can find on my channel) great job Germfood!

I had a great time with this game - it definitely caught me by surprise a few times. Here's a video of my playthrough with commentary.

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